Below you will find the manuals and documents used in the Timberwolf program. The Timberwolf handbook is the complete document outline all the teachings for the program. It is broken down into whats known as bites. Each bite covers a certain subject that is directly related to the Tenderpad to Leaping Wolf document. This is for information only and used mainly for the leadership to develop the program for the year. Tenderpad to Leaping Wolf is the main document that the Tiberwolves use. It provides them with the structure of the program and helps them progress through and up the ranks preparing them for Explorers. Please print one copy of this document and place into a binder. This binder should be brought weekly to the regular meetings to ensure they have all the information they will need. If you would prefer a bound copy of this document it can be purchased through the leaders at a cost of $15. The object of the Proficiency Badges is to supplement the Timber Wolf Program, and to develop character and physical health. They should not, however, be regarded in the same way as the Star Tests. Badges are activities which individual Timber Wolves can take up in order that they may progress further along Timber Wolf paths; they should be encouraged to take them up with a view to self-development but not at the expense of their ordinary work with the Pack. They are worn on the right arm in parallel rows between the shoulder and elbow. The Opening Ceremony or "The Grand Howl" is preformed at the beginning and the end of the meeting and signifies the coming together of the pack and showing respect towards the Old Wolf. This document is for new Timberwolves (chums) to help them learn their Law and Promise. Areas for the new Timberwolves to remember are highlighted in red in the document. The Leaders Handbook has been produced to assist the leaders in running a successful program for the youth.